Driving Innovations in Linker & Conjugation Chemistries to Create Stable ADCs, with Low Aggregation & Controlled Release at Scale

Welcome to the Inaugural ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit

As the proportion of clinically site-specific ADCs increases, the abundance of novel conjugation technologies diversifies, and the linker chemistry toolkit is expanded, investments in linker and conjugation technologies have become the single-biggest area of investment for ADC drug developers.

The inaugural ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit will provide an in-depth focus on all things linker and conjugation chemistry, allowing all the chemists and bioconjugation experts working in the ADC field to be a part of important conversations surrounding the challenges facing linker and conjugation development.

Uniting 80+ pioneers with the likes of Seagen, Genentech, Bolt Biotherapeutics, and many more, this meeting will showcase brand new technologies and approaches to improve existing technologies to increase stability, avoid aggregation, and control payload release.

We hope you can join us in Boston and get empowered to analyze the right choice of linker and type of conjugation technology to be employed to develop a suite of homogenous ADCs that can provide a real-life benefit to patients, with improved efficacy and lower toxicity.

A snapshot of our 2023 Expert Speaker Faculty

Part of the World ADC Series

Designed to make sure ADC experts are up to date with industry's advancements, the World ADC Event Series unites 1,500+ experts in the field to provide valuable insights and connections to advance ADCs as a first-option treatment. From globally leading conferences to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need,  the ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit can offer you the insights you need to maximizing the therapeutic window of ADCs and help to bring safe and effective therapies to market faster.   

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