7:50 am Check-In & Morning Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Exploring Novel ADC Linker & Conjugation Technologies to Usher in the Next-Generation of ADCs & Increase Efficacy

9:00 am Developing the Next Generation of ADCs With High DAR & Dual Payloads to Enhance ADC Efficacy

  • Gang Yin Vice President, Research, Sutro Biopharma


  • Evaluate higher DAR needed for targeting tumor cells with low antigen expression
  • Explore the development of high-DAR ADCs using novel expression systems and precise conjugation
  • Utilize dual conjugation to maximize ADC potency

9:30 am DEP Dendrimers as a Versatile Platform for Design of Customized Targeted Drug Conjugates – Linker & Conjugation Strategies

  • Jeremy Paull Vice President - Development and Regulatory Affairs, Starpharma Ltd.


  • Discussing Starpharma’s polylysine DEP® dendrimers as an ideal platform for targeted drug conjugates to promote hydrophilicity, reduce aggregation and minimize conjugation sites whilst achieving high DARs
  • Highlighting the utility and flexibility of the DEP® dendrimer platform for a wide range of linker and conjugation strategies for the design of targeted dendrimer drug conjugates (DDCs) for precision therapies
  • Reviewing results achieved to date with Starpharma’s HER2-targeted and other DDCs

10:00 am Leveraging Linker Design & Drug Developability Assessment to Develop Successful ADCs


  • Explore how ADC linkers represent more than a bridge between the antibody and payload, allowing to modulate ADCs’ biological activity
  • Discuss how identifying the best combination of antibody, linker and payload is a challenge that can be overcome by applying stage-specific evaluation criteria to de-risk ADC candidate selection
  • Review case studies showing how to construct and evaluate appropriate ADC candidate matrices, varying payloads, and linker elements for lead candidate selection

10:30 am Morning Break & Speed Networking


This is an informal session to help you connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and continue forging new and beneficial relationships. You will have the opportunity to present your work, and review presentations displaying novel approaches and findings.

Exploring Stability Within ADC Linkers & Conjugations to Reduce off Target Toxicities While Ensuring Accurate Payload Release

11:30 am EZWi-Fit, A Novel Linker-Toxin Platform That Confers ADC With Improved Efficacy & Safety

  • Qing Zhou Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Shanghai Escugen Biotechnology Co.


  • Analyzing EZWi-Fit – a proprietary and novel linker-toxin platform technology, which employs potent TopIi as payload and stable cleavable linker with super hydrophilicity and minimum deconjugation by chemical modification
  • Evaluating ADCs derived from EZWi-Fit platform that demonstrate multiple advantages, including: (1) superior in vivo anti-tumor activity than current benchmark technology, (2) remain remarkably effective in models resistant to MMAE and Dxd ADC, (3) significantly effective in tumor models with low-level and heterogeneous target expression
  • Understanding how EZWi-Fit ADCs have slower clearance and greater system and tumor exposure, as well as improved HNP safety in comparison with current benchmark technology

12:00 pm Exploring Novel Linker Chemistries to Improve the Therapeutic Index


  • Discover stable bioconjugation approaches for increased ADC stability
  • Review tumor selective linker designs to improve the therapeutic index of ADCs
  • Explore the relationship between linker type and toxicity profile

12:30 pm Talk Reserved for Paul Davis

1:00 pm Networking Lunch

Addressing the Never-Ending Battle of Cleavable vs Non-Cleavable Linkers to Select the Most Appropriate One for Your ADC

2:00 pm Roundtable Discussion – Is a Linker That is Too Stable a Problem & How Do We Overcome That?


  • Analyzing what the ideal stability balance is
  • Defining “too stable” in a linker
  • Assessing the challenges that come with a “too stable” linker

2:30 pm Exploring Click-Cleavable ADCs to Better Understand Their Applications & Potential Limitations

  • Marc Robillard Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Tagworks Pharmaceuticals


  • Understanding limitations of current ADC linkers
  • Exploring the principle and design of click-cleavable ADC linkers
  • Targeting scope expansion and potential for improved efficacy and safety offered by click-cleavable ADCs

3:00 pm Understanding How to Tune the Cleavage Rate of Linkers to Increase Specificity Towards Tumor Microenvironments

  • James Italia VP of Commercial Development, University Health Network Canada


  • Exploring the need to tune cleavage rate
  • Assessing how tumor microenvironments factor into cleavage rate
  • Tuning cleavage rate for specific tumor microenvironments

3:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:35 pm Scientific Poster Session


This is an informal session to help you connect with your peers in a relaxed atmosphere and discuss novel linker & conjugation technologies and their challenges. You will have the opportunity to present your work, and review presentations displaying novel approaches and findings.

4:35 pm End of Scientific Program Day One