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Abzena is a bioconjugate- and biologics-focused CDMO that pushes development of novel treatments forward at every stage from discovery through commercial launch. With the ability to tailor its strategy and customer experience to each project, Abzena develops and implements innovative solutions that enable biotech and biopharma companies to realize the full potential of their investments in human health. The company has research, development, and cGMP facilities across locations in San Diego, CA, Bristol, PA, and Cambridge, UK.



Singzyme’s ligase-based conjugation technology enables the site-specific attachment of a wide variety of payloads to proteins including antibodies and nanobodies. Singzyme’s one-step precision technology allows rapid bioconjugation, including for dual payloads, with controllable Drug-to-Antibody Ratio and low impact on antibody activity / tumour penetration. Singzyme’s technology therefore significantly shortens the ADC development time and helps bring more homogeneous drugs faster to clinics for the benefit of cancer patients

Aj Bio Pharma

Ajinomoto BioPharma Services
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Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization with sites in Belgium, United States, Japan, and India, providing comprehensive development, cGMP manufacturing, and aseptic fill finish services for small and large molecule APIs and intermediates. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services offers a broad range of innovative platforms and capabilities for pre-clinical and pilot programs to commercial quantities, including Corynex® protein expression technology, oligonucleotide synthesis, ADC, HPAPI, biocatalysis, continuous flow manufacturing and more.