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  • Examine how linker stability plays a role in accurate payload release to reduce off-target toxicities and increase targeted delivery with Genentech & Seagen
  • Evaluate the optimal conjugation technology for your ADC design to create an ADC with a homogenous DAR that elicits improved efficacy and developability with Tubulis
  • Address linker design challenges to ensure accurate activation and to encompass clinically relevant linker characteristics into your early-stage development with Iksuda Therapeutics
  • Compare and contrast traditional and novel linker and conjugation technologies to expand your chemistry toolkit and rethink ADC design with Bolt Biotherapeutics & Genequantum
  • Delve into site-specific conjugation technologies to evaluate how the type of site specification conjugation impacts the choice of payload, linker, antibody and target, as well as manufacturing processes with Bristol Myers Squibb