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Recently, we have seen a wave of breakthroughs and approvals in the antibody-drug conjugates space. Keeping pace with the field's rapid advancements, the World ADC Event Series from Hanson Wade continues to provide unrivalled industry-focused insight and connections to accelerate the delivery of viable and life-changing therapeutics to oncology patients.

We share a common belief with the industry - that the potential of antibody-drug conjugates is enormous. In the war against cancer, ADCs can be a game-changer and we know that the right insights and connections can sharpen the weapons that are in your arsenal.

Get a comprehensive overview of the upcoming events within the World ADC Series below. If you have any questions, get in touch at adc@hansonwade.com.

Transparent Next Gen

Pushing the Boundaries of Bioconjugate Drug Development With Next-Generation Payloads & Formats to Improve Translation & Show Clinical Proof-of-Concept

February 2024 | Boston, MA



Identify Novel Targets, Select the Optimal Combination Partner & Streamline CMC Strategy to Accelerate ADCs to Earlier-Line Treatments

March 2024 | London, UK


HW230831 41077 - 3rd ADC Analytical Development Summit logo NO DATE (2)

Optimizing the Application of Analytical Technologies for ADCs to Guide Regulatory Specifications & Submissions, Enhance Understanding of Your Drug & Exert Control Over Your Process

April 2024 | Boston, MA



Expanding the Toolkit of ADCs Payloads Through Optimizing Traditional & Exploring Novel Payloads to Widen the Therapeutic Index & Application of ADCs 

May 2024 | Boston, MA


HW231002 World ADC Asia NO DATE logo (1)

The Definitive Antibody-Drug Conjugate Event Dedicated to Trailblazing Innovation & Collaborations in ADC Drug Development in Asia & Maximize the Clinical Therapeutic Index of ADCs

June 2024 | Boston, MA


ADC Toxicity Logo

Minimizing Toxicities & Improving Tolerability to Bring More ADCs With a Wider Therapeutic Index to Market

July 2024 | Boston, MA


Transparent linker

Driving Innovations in Linker & Conjugation Chemistries to Create Stable ADCs, with Low Aggregation & Controlled Release at Scale

August 2024 | Boston, MA


34133 - ADC Process Development Summit logo

Enhancing ADC Process Development to Accelerate to First-In-Human Studies at Speed & Validating Robust Late Phase Processes for Commercial Preparedness

September 2024 | Boston, MA


Transparent World San

The World's Definitive Antibody-Drug Conjugate Event Dedicated to Maximizing the Clinical Therapeutic Index of Your ADC

October 2024 | San Diego, CA



Transforming ADC Target Selection by Identifying Novel & Repurposing Clinically Validated Targets to Develop First & Best-in-Class ADCs

December 2023 | Boston, MA


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