Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday | August, 20 2024

8:00 am Coffee & Morning Check-In

Workshop A

9:00 am Delving into the Basics of Linker Chemistries to Enhance ADC Design & Development

  • Kyoji Tsuchikama Associate Professor, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston


Given that linkers are such an integral part of ADC design in terms of stability and efficacy, understanding them, their structure, function and how they work to ensure the ADCs success is critical.

This workshop will take you through the basics of likers, leaving you equipped with the knowledge needed to promote ADC stability through the development of hydrophilic linkers.

Join this workshop to:

  • Understand the basic linker chemistries to improve linker design
  • Hone linker design to fit your needs & ensure stable conjugation
  • Assess the role of linkers in the body to reduce unwanted side effects
  • Utilize linkers to maximize the therapeutic window
  • Explore the linkers effect on biophysical properties of the ADC to further understand ADC efficacy

12:00 pm Networking Lunch

Workshop B

1:00 pm Outlining Conjugation Technologies & Their Basics to Understand How It Fits into Overall ADC Design

  • Jenny Chang Senior Scientist - Discovery Biotherapeutics & Bioconjugation, Exelixis


Going beyond theory, this workshop will allow you to build on your understanding of linker chemistries, exploring how to conjugate linkers to payloads and conjugate that to the antibody. Mastering conjugation technologies will enable you to produce homogeneous DAR & high DAR ADCs all while ensuring ADC efficacy.

Leave this workshop equipped with the essential knowledge required to develop conjugation technologies that are able to accommodate high DAR and prevent off-target toxicities to turbocharge your research and development forward with confidence.

Join this workshop to:

• Understand the basics of conjugation chemistries

• Explore stability within conjugation technologies

• Evaluate the advantages of homogenous and heterogenous conjugations

• Tailor conjugation technologies to your ADC

• Examine the effect of conjugation technologies on ADC efficacy

4:00 pm End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day